One Day To Effortless Weight Loss - Saturday 1st October 2016, The Hilton, Nottingham, NG1 3PZ, 10:30-16:00

NOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE HOW TO HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR OWN MIND FOR EFFORTLESS WEIGHT LOSS IN JUST ONE DAY! Come along to the session, and discover for yourself what truly effortless weight loss actually feels like!



THIS KICK THE SUGAR download is a perfect start if you really want that sugar gone out your life, and you would love to try the amazing benefits of self-hypnosis in your own home! Listen to it every night for a week, and then as often as you feel necessary to begin to experience the dramatic effects of hypnosis for yourself! Simply click BUY NOW and start your new journey today!

"The most important difference has been that it has actually changed the way I think about food. I even went on holiday and did not put on any weight and have only put on 2lbs over Christmas. So I would say to anyone thinking about losing weight, give this programme a go – you have nothing to lose but weight!’ Maria

"ONE MONTH SUGAR FREE and a dress size down!! Would never have believed it myself but this really does work. Forget stupid diets you need to talk to Bridgette Hamilton!" Saffy

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Join a group or a one-to-one, the results are the same - PERMANENT weight loss!

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Imagine that you're just weeks away from a completely new you!


  • PORTION control
  • SUGAR addiction
  • KNOWING when you're full
  • EATING at the wrong time of day
  • OBSESSING about food
  • FEELING as if you're 'missing out'
  • SNACKING and grazing between meals

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    No more yo-yo dieting. The weight loss is permanent this time!

    Lose weight with this programme - it's the easiest thing you've ever done! Or you can enjoy one-to-one sessions with a highly experienced weight loss hypnotherapist, the results are the same!

    "I am really pleased with myself up to now in regards to chocolate! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined me refusing and not wanting to eat it, nothing short of a miracle. Thank you!" Rachael

    This programme is like nothing you have ever tried before!

    CALL Bridgette on 0115 9781006 or 07813 462589 and decide to MAKE THAT CHANGE today.

    "I haven't eaten cakes or sweets since. You're a legend!!" Sandra

    NO MORE YO-YO DIETING - just sustainable, easy weight loss!

    "I keep expecting to go back to the way I used to eat, and it's just not happening....amazing!" Sarah

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    The next event will be on Friday 29th April, THE PARK HYPNOTHERAPY CENTRE

    MOST PEOPLE FIND that the cravings and problems they have with food just drop away easily and effortlessly. And before you know it you're feeling 10 years younger!

    Call Bridgette on 0115 9781006 or 07813 462589 for more details of weight loss groups and one-to-one sessions in Nottingham and the East Midlands today

    Come along and try a session for yourself - you'll never look back! Call 0115 9781006 or 07813 462589 to grab your place

    Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Nottingham and the East Midlands. Decide to lose that weight, once and for all!

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