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blogs. body confidence blog

How Your Body Confidence Was Stolen From You...(And How To Claim It Back!)

The TRUE essence of body confidence, for me, is this...feeling comfortable and at ease in your own skin. That means....sitting in your own unique, healthy body shape, and finding it enough. No more. No less. Get back your Body Confidence first. Read more...

blogs. holiday blog

The Number 1 way to stop 'Holiday Diet Failure' in it's tracks!

"Bridgette how am I going to lose weight while I'm on holiday?" My reply? "You're not". Not because you're a failure, but because you're not supposed to! You're on holiday! So how can you enjoy holiday diet success - read on to find out.

blogs. 7 easy steps

7 Easy Steps To Lose Weight THIS WEEK!

We're told that weight loss is a difficult business...that you have to be strong. Here's a list of the most important steps to take to begin losing weight successfully. Read more...

blogs. Cheese blog

5 Reasons Why Cheese Is Good For You!

If you're a cheese lover, you've probably seen it as a forbidden pleasure. But I have good news, it is good for you and you can find out why in this blog. Read more...

blogs. Bridgette Story

How I lost 4 and a half stone in 14 months (and kept it off!)

How do I know that the Break the Crave System works? Because I was one of the very first guinea pigs to use it! Read my weightloss story here.

blogs. hiddensugarblogheader

10 Surprising Hidden Sugars In Everyday Foods

A lot of us are becoming increasingly aware now of the dangers of sugars, and are doing all we can to avoid the sweet white stuff. There are some really surprising places that sugar is found lurking in your cupboards at home! Read our blog for some of the worst offenders to look out for.

blogs. Kick the Sugar Blog

What does it feel like to kick sugar?

Miserable? Deprived? Not being able to treat yourself? The one word I have consistently heard over the years when clients report back how they are feeling.....and this has really stuck with me....is euphoric....Find out more in our latest blog

blogs. Pause Part 2

The Pause Button…and how it works for sugar – part 2

So we're a week into Lent already...and the clock is ticking! Find out the one technique that will let you stretch this moment beyond the 40 day period of lent and lead to a sugar free existence. Read on to find out more...

blogs. pausepart1

The Pause Button…and how it works for sugar – part 1

Lent is just around the corner and has become a very timely reminder these days for a lot of us to use a jumbo sized portion of self restraint and put the sugar to one side for a few weeks. Find our latest blog to find out why this 40 days is a chance to get your sugar habit under control. Read more...

blogs. Good Fats Blog

What Actually ARE the Good Fats, Then?

Over the last 60 years, eating fat has been demonised to the point where I now find a lot of clients are plain old scared to go near it! The thing that puzzles me, is that reducing fat levels in your diet, doesn't actually seem to have much of an impact with long term weight loss and reduction. So...what are we to do about this? Read our blog to find out more...

blogs. Sugar Addiction Blog

So What ARE The Reasons That So Many Of Us Are Feeling Out Of Control With Sugar?

Sugar addiction is on the dramatic increase, and so many of us feel that there's nothing we can do about it! So how can this possibly be so? Here are 8 reasons why our sugar consumption is so out of control. Read more...

blogs. 10 ways to turn failure to success

10 Ways to Turn your Diet 'Failure' into a Raving Success

We're into the third week of January already! This can be a tricky time if you decided to start a diet in the new year. These cold months make it easy for that little devil on your shoulder to persuade you to eat those 'naughty' foods. Read more...

blogs. New Year Success Blog

10 Vital Tricks For New Year Weight Loss Success

The statistic for weight loss is depressingly small when it comes as a New Year's resolution... 8% to be accurate, according to the University of Stanton ....so how do we become that successful 8%. Read on to find out more...

blogs. Weightloss Plan

A Weight Loss Plan is For Christmas...

...And Not Just For Life! (And How To Hack Your Brain's Attempts to Sabotage It!) Read on and I'll show you how to enjoy the Christmas time this year with a completely different approach to your food...and feeling fabulous too!.....read more

blogs. Number 1 Reason Diets Don't Work

The #1 reason diets don't work, and how to hack your brain for success!

Do you find that diets don't work? Have you tried them all and still can't lose weight? Then read on to find out the No.1 reason why and what you can do about it. Read more

blogs. Bacon


I couldn't let International Bacon Day go by without saying a few words about the blessed humble bacon slice. Read on to find out how you can bacon everyday and still lose weight. Read more

blogs. Accidental Weightloss


There are some very good reasons why 'Accidental Weight Loss' works so well, and I will tell you what they are in a minute, but first, let me just elaborate on what Accidental Weight Loss actually is...read more

blogs. High Success Rate

Why is our success rate so high?

How can we claim to have a very high success rate when the rest of the weight loss industry has 6? Read on to find out more...

blogs. Mental and Physical Well-being


The link between mind and body is why it's so vital to eat well. We can't have a happy body if it is tired, sluggish and in crave mode. And that physical state affects us mentally too. Here are 6 ways to ensure mental and physical well-being. Read more

blogs. Eat Like a Queen

Eat Like A Queen For The Body Of A Goddess?…

National 'Eat What you Want Day' is the perfect time to start eating like a queen and giving your body what it really wants. Read more

blogs. Stress

STRESS…The REAL Time Thief!

STRESS Awareness month is almost at an end...and I'm just getting round to this article on stress... of course! The very worst thing that stress does for us? It steals our time...If I'm lucky, I might just get this out before the end of April, and I will show you how to take back what's rightfully yours! Read more

blogs. Permanent Solutions..


In this blog I share the simple formula to 'change your brand' and help you break your habits around eating - permanently. Read more

blogs. How easy is it to keep weight off...


The diet industry is one of the most lucrative ever....more people than every are using slimming clubs...So what's going on? Read more

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